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Buying a Certapro Painters Franchise could be the worst and costliest mistake of your life.

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Buy a CertaPro Painters Franchise!

No experience needed!
Build a successful business!

(That's what CertaPro Painters wants you to believe.)

Certapro Painters Franchise

Certapro Painters Franchise

This website is published by a former CertaPro Painters franchisee. Buying a Certapro Painters franchise was the worst (and most costly) mistake of my life.

Certapro franchises are rife with failure. As many as 90% of all Certapro franchises may have failed.

Many CertaPro franchisees use subcontractors, who may be paid about 50% of the price of a job. The results can be disastrous. Many/most of these complaints may have been the result of using subcontractors.


CertaPro Sucks (about the CertaPro Painters franchise)

CertaPro Painters Complaints

Read about it

What you can do if your Certapro franchise is failing.

Certapro FDD and
Franchise Agreement

CertaPro Painters 2016 FDD &
Franchise Agreement
(pdf format)

Important: If you're thinking of buying a Certapro Painters franchise, take this agreement to a lawyer and ask if you'd be getting screwed.

Failed Franchisees Are Gagged

Due Diligence?
Don't expect to learn anything from failed franchisees:

Don't think you'll be able to contact failed franchisees and be able to talk honestly with them (if you can find them -- and there are perhaps hundreds of them).

Failed franchisees may be pressured into signing a non-disclosure agreement (gag agreement) promising to say nothing bad about Certapro.

In fact, it may force them to lie by telling positive things to prospective franchise buyers.

Would an honest, respectable, franchise with nothing to hide do this?

"No Experience Needed"

CertaPro may tell you that you don't need any painting experience.

Here's what I learned: It took about a year of experience to learn most of what I needed to know. Along the way, there were costly mistakes.

Here's one Certapro customer's review of a "no experience needed" franchisee:

Dan the Certapro's franchise owner in clay, NY has no clue what painting entails. He worked at a bank and got laid off/let go so he decided to buy a painting franchise. Exterior house painted $4,500.00 this whole process was a nightmare!! Random people would show up at our house at all hours. They did a horrible job and caused us nothing but months of grief! Their is a reason you cannot leave a negative review on Certapro's website!! I called and was told they would take my review and enter it for me?? Something is up with this franchise! I ended up sitting in my car crying over the experience and the ***** job they did! Some of the guys that showed up had never painted before. We had to provide paint brushes, power cords, extension poles and many more items. RUN AS FAST AS You CAN AWAY FROM THIS SCAM OF A COMPANY!!!


"Work On The Business, Not In The Business"

Here's my experience: Hiring good painters can be difficult. Think about it: Truly good painters can start their own painting companies (and they do).

I'm sure my experience was not unique: I found myself wielding a paintbrush and roller to finish some jobs -- because I had to.

"Franchises Have A Better Success Rate"

This is a common misperception.

According to studies, most new startup businesses (INCLUDING franchises) have a failure rate of about 50% within the first year. The failure rate continues in successive years.

Learn more about the world of franchising at:
Unhappy Franchisee

Due Diligence

Sure, CertaPro will provide you with contact information for franchisees.

But, as mentioned above, do NOT expect to be able to talk to franchisees who have failed (and there are probably HUNDREDS of them). CertaPro has gotten many/most of them to sign a gag agreement, which prohibits them from saying anything bad about CertaPro.

(Ask yourself why a company might do that.)

The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)? It's worthless, in my opinion. It's designed to downplay the risks. Moreover, it may be worthless, legally. Many courts have ruled that a franchisee cannot sue based on what's contained in the FDD.

The Franchise Agreement: READ it! The franchisee is, in my opinion, screwed!

So where are you going to get meaningful information?

Existing franchisees? Hell, even if they're failing they may not admit it.

Certapro's sales team?
Certapro Painters Franchise

Lawsuits or legal filings? Sorry, Charlie. Certapro's franchise agreement requires arbitration, and arbitration proceedings are private. (And arbitration sucks.)

Franchise Consultants

There are people out there who call themselves "franchise consultants". Some of them say they will charge you nothing to find "the right franchise for you".

In fact, they may be paid as much as 50% of the initial franchise fee for providing referrals to the franchisee.

Think about it:
Franchise fee = $50,000
They rake in ~$25,000

Can you honestly believe they have YOUR best interest at heart?

WHY Would You Buy A Painting Franchise???

If you're interested in owning a painting company, you can buy an existing painting company. You won't be paying franchise fees to a franchisor. There's probably an established customer base, and experienced painters.

Or you can find a consultant who can help you start a business -- probably for MUCH less than the upfront franchise fee.

Paint stores usually have sales representatives who can consult about painting. One of them might be able to point you in the right direction for guidance on how to start a painting company.

My opinion, based on my experience and that of other failed franchisees: Don't buy a painting franchise! It could be the most expensive loss of your life!

My Recommendation

If you're considering buying a Certapro Painters franchise, you might end up losing $150,000 or more.

I recommend you instead take $150,000 to Las Vegas and play it at the blackjack tables. The odds are better. And you'll get free drinks and maybe a room.

CertaPro Painters Franchise Sucks

CertaPro Painters Complaints

CertaPro Lawsuit

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